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November 27, 2008, 11:01 pm
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This is how to leave a comment!!

This is how to leave a comment!!

People please provide me with some pessimistic or positive feedback please in regards to the posts, if you were unaware how to leave a comment the picture above should help, just hit the comment button and fire away!!

Feel free to disagree and have a go if you feel the need!!


November 27, 2008, 1:39 am
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The first one is two Braziilian Musician’s called Ana Carolina and Seu Jorge, while the second is the writer of the song, Damien Rice.

This is the same song that Diana Vickers sung in her X-Factor audition.

If this don’t move you musically, I don’t know what will!! I like this!! ALOT.

‘The Blowers Daughter’

30% OFF at Gap
November 27, 2008, 12:46 am
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Gap 30% Off Voucher

Just coz I love ya, in the midst of all the CC talk here’s something to make you smile… And shop!!

Does what it says on the tin! Click the link above or here and enjoy 30% Off at Gap this week up until, and including Sunday. Happy Shopping…

Street Boy’s N’Jai Opinion…
November 27, 2008, 12:38 am
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This was one of the books I asked for as a b’day present as I had tried to but it at least 2 times as soon as it came out and both bookshops didn’t have it, one was sold out (good look) while the other didn’t stock it.

I recieved this a few weeks after my b’day on a Sunday evening, about 8 O’Clock, 24 hours later on the Monday, I had completed the 314 page true story about 7 kids growing up on the Angell Town Estate in Brixton to become part of one of the London Street Gangs, (PDC).

Watch this space for the review, it’s worth the wait.. In the meantime I know it’s credit crunch times and that but if you’ve got a spare £5 you can order it from here..

I’ve got the X!!!!
November 27, 2008, 12:03 am
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I have to be honest and confess. I am an avid follower of X factor, i.e from the first episode I watched and auditions were taking place I have watched it EVERY Saturday since and if i’ve missed it, i’ve rushed home from footy on a Sunday Afternoon just to see the re-run. Put it this way, I avoid the papers and the net before I have watched it in order to not spoil the surprise, Sad? I know!

But it gets worse in terms of the confessions!!

Basically I know I am about to put my neck on the line but for a variety of reasons, I want Diana Vickers (did I stutter??) to win X Factor, see I can hear the ‘Have you lost it?’ ‘Is he OK?’ ‘Who’s this guy fooling?’ questions from all of you as Alexandra Burke is clearly the best singer in the competition with the most star quality, but I must say firstly that I do admire an underdog, which Diana would be in a sing-off between the two.

Diana struck me from her initial audition when she sang ‘The Blowers Daughter’ by a contemporary artist called Damien Rice whom I learnt about in my first Uni, when I studied Music Management and Marketing and liked his music; it was just that, pure music. I am a fan of ANY genre of music, it’s more about how the music makes me personally feel that attracts me whether it be deep emotion, emotive words, rhythm’s, tempo’s etc, the list goes on.

I feel that Diana, albeit not the best singer is a raw uncut talent and undeniably is the most unique natural artist in the competition. Her tone of voice, some may say annoying, some may say just straight crap but I feel music relates to people in different ways and I can honestly say that in the right mood, I enjoy listening to music of the kind of nature of Diana.

I could see her along the Amy Winehouse, Duffy’s and to some extent Kate Nash while Diana would still be slighly left-field compared to those I listed.

Alexandra, however does not fit into a niche, she would fit nicely in the R&B market but would she thrive? Does any UK R&B artist really thrive? 

Alexandra, has it all; the star quality, the looks, the diva-bility, the voice, the dancing, the charisma, the character, however she could have made it regardlessly without the X Factor, I feel she feels the need to prove to them they made a mistake a few years ago when she did not make it past the boot camp stage. But she didn’t need X Factor this time, and thats why it seems so evident that she must be the clear winner this time around however I know it’s not the popular choice, it’s controversial to say the least but i’m backing the underdog in this battle, Diana’s talent has grown on me.

Disagree? I bet you do, let me know…

Have a laugh!!
November 26, 2008, 3:55 pm
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In the current times of doom and gloom, the weather ain’t helping that cause at all, we all need abit of cheering up in our lives..

This is old, and her debut but this is taken from Choice FM and was her first major live show and she done ALOT!! Mel’s like a sister from another mother.. And it’s not coz I got love for her that i’m backing her as if she was wack i’d show her..

Go on.. Have a laugh!! That dude who gets the first joke targeted at him must feel WASTE!!

Who’s the best out of the three? Hit the comment box and let me know!!

Sunday Dinner Finished? What Next?…
November 26, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Where's Wally?

Where's Wally?

After hearing so many good things about this event, i’m gonna pull my finger out and make an extra effort to attend this event on Sunday and give it an N’Jai review.. I’ll see you there!!

Mind you, if my football team lose our cup game on Sunday and Arsenal fail to beat Chelsea which I don’t really even wanna comment about then I might have to delay my trip and hide my face for a week!! LOL.. Nah, without fail, this will get the N’Jai review come Sunday!!

(Taken from Facebook)
I Hate Raving presents… The Sunday Show. This is the highly successful and fun show which everyone is talking about. The Sunday Show fuses all the best in comedy, poetry, live music and games.

The biggest names in music, sports, Tv and film will come and join you for a great night of entertainment.

£7 all night

The show takes place @:

Clerkenwell House,
23 – 27 Hatton Wall,

For info call:

Mr Harrison – 07946 402 256