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The Movement Are Active!!

This is ‘Movement Activity’ from The Movement, who apparently according to rumours recently split up. Well this should quash those rumours, they are back working together on a new project and they did say a while back that they’ll be working on solo projects, which has seen Wretch 32 release his CD Wretchrospective which I rate, Ghetto has been putting in work all over and highlights of the year include Glastonbury, releasing another CD Freedom of Speech and working on his album while Scorcher has been somewaht quiet but his album Concrete Jungle is soon to be released. As for Devlin? I don’t know!

I don’t know is there is a better UK Hip Hop/Grime group, the chemistry between the three is alot to say the least. This is a teaser of what’s more to come from them, a worthy Christmas present, albeit late!


Don’t Phone Me!!
December 26, 2008, 10:37 am
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The artist formerly known as Ghetto, now Ghetts makes his comeback in quite a big way!!

Watch the FoneJacker style intro!! The best video intro I’ve seen in a while, ‘I make the black boys sing for me!!’ LOL

Expect big things in ’09 from him.. His album, The Justification Of J.Clarke is supposedly soon finished and he may get an album release with the company that signed his Sing For Me Electro Remix.

Skepta, Wiley, Ghetto, JME, Devlin, Lethal B, Kano, Bashy Getting Sent For!!
December 23, 2008, 2:56 pm
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Rinse MC has been creating a little buzz within the UK Grime scene for a while, but this was certainly out of the blue.

Being Christmas, you’d expect the mood to be jolly but he had other ideas and basically sends for EVERY MC worth sending for in Grime and even takes it old school and sends for Napper (crack ur skull…. ahhhhhhhhh!!!)..

Logan Sama played it on his Kiss 100 show on Mondays which runs from 11pm-1am.

Make of it what you will…

A Picture Says A Thousand Things! This Says 2008 Things!!
Let The Picture Do The Talking!

Let The Picture Do The Talking!

In simple terms I think this picture concludes some of the many highs, lows and iconic symbols or features of the year 2008. From John Terry Crying to Barack winning, from Jazmine Sullivan to Bashy, from the end of Woolworths to the prominence of Facebook this year.

I set out to write about some major events of the year and maybe a Top 3 poll in some categories, i.e. Best UK Artist Album etc, I think I will still do that, however my imagination got the better of me and I felt creative, thus the picture above. Some things cannot be written about to the extent that a picture gives across, i.e The Yellow Crime board can hardly be written about but once you see the picture it prompts thoughts of the amount of crime and murder on the streets.

Hopefully you’ll be able to understand what most, if not all the pictures represent.

Giggs VS MTV Base and BBC 1Xtra…

This is taken from www.overgroundonline.com. This provides a different insight to Giggs’s background behind the controversial Last Straw video (click HERE to see it) in which he directs his frustrations towards some of the power movers in the music industry.

I’ve heard it said before that he will not go far as he cannot interview and he’s too monotone etc, I think he shows more of his personality on this as he can relate to the interviewer. He just seems to come across more like an American rapper when he interviews, like he don’t give a …. what he says, so he should do. Too many UK artists try and either sugar coat or act greazy, he simply keeps it real.

I like the way he carries himself, despite what he may or may not do on the roads or what he has or hasn’t done prior to music success he comes across very humble and laid back. Considering the hype he had around him for his trademark song this year it would be easy to get distracted into the lifestyle and come across boisterous and over hype but he keeps it real, to the fullest.

I like the line where they ask if what message he would give to kids who look up to him, ‘I don’t wanna be no role model.’

Kyla and The Cousins!!
December 18, 2008, 12:58 pm
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Crazy Cousins Feat Kyla: Do You Mind?

It’s hardly Journalism putting up youtube clips and writing about them which is why I’m not really a fan of putting up too much videos but there are certain exceptions.. This DEFINATELY gets an exception..

Not only was this the biggest Funky tune of the year, it’s probably the most well known Funky House song. I remember 3 year old children singing the words to this in the summer. It’s not because I know Paleface and Flukes that I’m backing this, Kyla has put in mad work on this by means of PA’s etc, and it’s not easy. I remember bumping into them down at Cargo early in the year and since then it’s been non stop for them. Nice video aswell.

Wonder how well this will do as it’s soon due for release?

Sway and Akon… Silver and Gold!!
I don't think he was talking about these Silver and Gold's!

I don't think he was talking about these Silver and Gold's!

On first hearing probably the most famous Ghanaian in the UK’s recent album, The Signature LP,  this song was definitely the one that stood out (minus Pray For Kaya).

North London’s Sway DaSafo’s flow had hardly ever been in question but it seems of recent times that he has improved his song making and vocal ability dramatically. Whether this is due to him having creative freedom over his product or whether it may have been the personal difficulties experiences he has dealt with of late, whatever it was has had a positive effect.

This song, Silver and Gold demonstrates Sway’s unique flow, with meaningful catchy lyrics, and even some multi-tone vocals and ad-libs (if you’re unsure, think of  Jay-Z when he whispers etc). Combined with the instantly recognisable voice of Akon on the chorus, this equals one of the best club tunes that the UK has EVER produced.

 This song SHOULD do so well, both here and on the other side of the Atlantic, given the right promotion and marketing along with support from UK TV and radio stations I would be slightly dumbfounded if this didn’t make at least the Top 10 though when I first heard it I did think it was a straight No.1 but maybe my judge of music of late hasn’t been  that great considering I tipped Diana Vickers for X-Factor and Alexandra Burke won!

I can see big things for UK music in 2009 although I seem to remember being told this every year for the last few but in terms of UK Hip-Hop and Grime artists I do believe that the standard is constantly getting better, with this year seeing some very good material produced.

I don’t think i’ve EVER heard Sway go so hard as when he first comes in on this song..

‘Just hopped off a Plane // Sway // Name  just popped up again // UK just got a hotter game // Konvict Music top of the game// I’m in the club and i’m watching the dame// Who’s in love coz she’s watchin// Watchin da chain// And whether it’s a drop or a range// One thing for sure it’s the top of the range//’

 All I can say after that is Giggs’s trademark… Jheeeeeez!