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Dubplate Drama Auditions
January 30, 2009, 3:24 pm
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Channel 4’s  ‘Worlds first’ viewer interactive drama returns to our screens soon for a third series.

Channel 4 are holding audition tomorrow (31st Jan and Sunday 1st Feb) at Westbourne Studios between 11am and 4pm. So if you are aged between 18-25 and believe you have some acting skills, whether basic or advanced, why not give it a try?


Panty’s, Bra’s, Sniff Coke and Camera’s!!

In relation to the previous article about the Wiley and Goodz lyrical war, there has seen a response from not only Goodz, but also his imprisoned brother, Grime legend Crazy Titch who is currently serving a life sentence for murder.

Now, the murder that occured was allegedly as a result of an individual who said some negative statements towards Goodz, then known as Durrty Doogz and then in response Titch amongst someone else was accused of murdering that said individual. The recent lyrical war between Wiley and Doogz has seen Wiley state that Doogz should be in jail instead of Titch and also; ‘Remember, everytime you’re writing a lyric, my mans sitting down in the cell doing life’!!

In response, Titch sounding as bold as ever has his say on the situation, alongside his brother, the less said the better, have a look for yourself.

Meet Me at Primark!!



The trade secret of Primark (or Primarni as it is often known) may have been revealed. Good quality goods at affordable prices are amongst Primark’s main attributes, however it seems as though there is more to it than that.


Many a businessman may question how Primark still strives in the midst of a negative financial climate where a consumerist society has been forced to spend less. The high street fashion chain, which employ 25,000 staff and operate 140 stores have been defying the recession and plan to open stores in Portugal, Netherlands and Germany in 2009.


However, in more negative press, a recent Times Newspaper article has exposed the fact that one of Primark’s clothing suppliers is under investigation as a result of allegations that illegal immigrants were being employed and being paid at rates well below the minimum wage.


Now, as an ethical and politically correct society as we like to believe we are, one would assume that due to this alleged violation of HUMAN rights, we would see at least a minor boycott of Primark. But that won’t happen, in reality we only moan about things and want to go on about campaigns when it suits us, in no way am I trying to play innocent because due to practicalities, Primark has become my main supplier of boxer shorts, vests, socks and plain t-shirts. And this is due to price, quantity and relative quality.


The rise of Primark has been somewhat remarkable, over the years Primark has made itself accessible and acceptable in a similar but superior way to brands such as LIDL and Netto. Primark has become socially accepted, 5 or more years ago people found it embarrassing to shop in Primark, it was solely seen as the type of shop only women go into for underwear, now you might see a girl looking good in a nice dress and she’ll boldly tell you it’s from Primark, and that is cool!! But now it has fully emerged and become a household name and in fact one of the most underrated high street fashion retailers.


Primark has responded to the allegations towards their suppliers by saying, ‘We are extremely concerned about the very serious allegations against our supplier.’ Investigations are continuing.





Can Wiley Be Beaten?
2 Of The Oldest, 2 Of The Best

2 Of The Oldest, 2 Of The Best

Durrty Goodz’s latest move to attempt to de-throne Wiley as the King Of Grime may have been a shot in the foot for the once highly rated Goodz.

Some are from the school of thought that this move by Goodz may simply be a promotional stunt to promote his soon-to-be-released Ultrasound CD. Others, believe that this is much more than a promo and with the level of bars that has been directed towards eachother, it’s hard to believe otherwise;

‘And if you wanna get bright // Then try I’m a warlord I’m taking your life // Remember every time you’re writing a lyric // My man’s in the cell sitting down doing life //’ WILEY.

Now this Wiley and Goodz lyrical battle has history, they are old foes. I remember them battling it out in 2002-2003 days, at that stage Goodz was called Durrty Doogz and he went hard at Wiley, arguably one of Wiley’s hardest battles to date.

Fast forward to 2008, out of the blue Wiley released ‘Where’s My Brother,’ a banger that hardly nobody said they disliked. It was one of those songs, you didn’t fully know what the concept was, like every line was a double subliminal, and you couldn’t really comprehend what it meant but you knew it was a big tune.  Many a conspricy theory were attributed to the song but as often with Wiley, it never fully made sense.

Later on in the year Wiley made it known that the song was unrelated to his once protege Dizzie Rascal, this led to further speculation. It later became known that amongst others, Wiley was relating part of the song in the direction of Durrty Goodz and his life-imprisoned younger brother Crazy Titch.

Goodz made an appearance on Logan Sama before the turn of the year and directed bars towards Wiley as well as playing some of the songs from his new CD which also had bars for Richard Kylie as he is less often known.

This prompted the ‘Angry Garden Gnome Freestyle’ from Wiley which has brought us to where we are now, I don’t know how long this war will continue or whether it will, but whatever it is, I have to say that Wiley is arguably the hardest MC in Grime to clash, he has been through the whole works. There is not much more an MC can say to insult Wiley, we’ve heard he like’s younger girls, heard he smokes crack, but he is still the biggest commodity to Grime.

Also, I cannot see much other MC’s going at Doogz and talking about the sensitive Titch situation and blatently say that he should stop spitting in respect of his imprisoned brother!!

Thanks to www.grimeforum.com

HERE’S the download link to the latest Logan Sama War Report featuring Doogz V Wiley and Rinse MC V Jeeday Jawz.


It’s A New Year, I’m In a New Gear!
January 1, 2009, 10:49 am
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Take these words in….

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I’ve always been from the school of thought that believe’s that one who wishes to induce change into one’s life does not wait for a particular date or time, hence New Years Resolutions never being a personal favourite of mine. New Years is simply a change of date for me, nothing more, nothing less, the only times the year’s have been significant to me have been been when life changing events have occured to me, i.e. the loss of family etc.

However, 2008 ended on a positive note personally in terms of life, ambitions, inspitational people etc. I have been overwhelmed by the profile the blog has been recieving and it’s a good look for me, as it’s not paid work in monetary terms but the satisfaction provided when people read the articles and appreciate the work, i.e. the amount of love I recieved for the Street Boys Book Review meant alot. The blog is a platform for me to express personal thoughts and issues that I feel that people are maybe under-informed about or just subjects I am personally interested in.

I have a positive feeling regarding 2009, I had a very inspiring conversation with an individual yesterday and I believe that progression is on the cards with the writing, I have been seeking FOCUSED individuals within the Journalism sector and believe me they are a rare commodity, however I do feel that this problem may have been overcome, many people have been asking where I want to take the blog, all I will say is you will see in the near future.

The days of one man getting up and doing everything on his own so he can be successful are gone, one needs a strong TEAM in a variety of ways.

Have a prosperous New Year, but don’t let the date fool you, if you need to induce change on the 31st of November, don’t wait for the New Year to come for you to change, life or time doesn’t wait for no man. Wish you all the best for the year.

Work Hard.. Make Positive Moves…Progress..Be Consistent.. Most importantly, REMEMBER what’s important to you.

Happy New Year.