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Ghetts And Mr 32 Taste Testing!!
February 26, 2009, 9:47 am
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Courtesy of RWD TV, Ghetts and Wretch recently indulged into the brand new Walkers Crisps collection.. This is funny!!


JaJa PDC ‘Boss’ Video
February 20, 2009, 11:02 pm
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JaJa from PDC presents the video to Boss, arguably the best track from his Street Boys album released late last year, in conjunction with the book Street Boys written by Tim Pritchard.

Sway quit the Music Industry??!!


I don’t know whether this is a fake story, a publicity stunt or whether Sway has got Friday 13th mixed up with April Fool’s Day but according to Facebook, Derek Safo’s status states ‘I’m very sorry to break this to you, but I’ve decided to quit the music industry. This is a serious message: Full statement on www.sway.uk.com 12pm 2nite.”

Now I don’t know how serious this claim is and I don’t want to jump onto the rumour-mill so-to-speak however this seems quite interesting. I’ll be up at 12 checking so if you manage to see this before, hopefully we’ll find out the TRUTH very soon, whether this is real or a joke!!

New Ghetts Radio Freestyle!!
February 12, 2009, 6:12 pm
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Griminal sends For SKEPTA, CHIPMUNK and TEMPA T!!!
February 10, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Well the grime ‘sending’ continues… The lastest barrage has come from Nasty Crew’s hottest artist, Griminal who addresses Skepta’s much talked about ‘skeng done to the tree’ lyric made famous by the BET freestyle. Griminals response was ‘U can’t be fuckin with me, I don’t care what the Skeng done to the tree, If you see what the blade did to a face!!!’

It didn’t stop there as a few bars later he sent for Chipmunk with ‘He’s like Beast, I’m like please, none of these boys got the hunger to feed!!’

Lastly but by no means least he finally sends back for Tempa T (it was widely suggested Grim may have been to shook to reply but 4:06 in the video it’s quite clear Griminal is NOT having it!!

Just some fun for your viewing pleasure!!!

UK’s 1st Black Exposed Criminal Snitch!!
February 9, 2009, 8:25 pm
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It is rare, I mean VERY rare for a criminal to have the balls to step up in court and testify against one or many of his former associates. That is exactly what Darren Mathurin, jailed last month for conspiracy to murder has done.

In a twist, in order to receive only half of his 16 year sentence Muthurin has exchanged a 4000 (yes FOUR THOUSAND) page dossier exposing many a wanted criminal, many have been arrested already, Muthurin will appear in court as a witness in cases.

Contrary to the ‘rules of the street’ Muthurin has snitched and with that, puts his family, friends and ultimately himself at risk. It is seen as considerably worse on the streets due to the fact that Muthurin himself is a criminal connected with murders so is this a vicious cycle that the police will find themselves in? Letting murderers off lightly in exchange for hard sought criminal information.

Read the article here..

They wanna ban real-life from the TV!!

It is becoming increasingly popular for Music channels to ban certain videos from TV. The companies themselves have yet to come out and explain the situation.

UK BET Hip Hop Award winner Giggs let known his frustrations around the so called ‘politics’ in which companies try to limit the music and video’s due to their concern of the violent or drug nature behind some themes of lyrics and music.

Giggs’ own ‘Walk In Da Park’┬ávideo was not allowed on MTV Base and although he had probably the biggest club tune of 2008, it failed to be playlisted amongst popular radio stations such as Choice FM and BBC 1Xtra. Giggs was not the first and certainly won’t be the latest to feel the wrath of the powers commonly known as the ‘Hip-Hop’ police in America. NorthStar’s C1 is the lastest to be banned from TV, however for your viewing pleasure, here is ‘The Game Needs Me’ by C1.

It seems that all artists that want to keep it as real as possible are liable for such treatment?