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….and some more funky!? As it’s summer n all!!



Last time I uploaded some funky for you, there was a barrage of complaints from women especially as they were not familiar with unzipping a file, (I bet they don’t have the same problem if it was a man they liked!!) get it? unzip? anyway!!!

Sooooooo… you’ll be happy to know that once you download this you can play it straight away so no unzipping, straight down to business..

This is DJ Marcus Nasty @ Loveshine, Southend in February alongside MC Versatile.. Now it’s spring, you have to get your traffic light skanks ready when your bumpin this in your car so when you pull up to the lights and you’re skanking, they’re gonna wish they was in your car and had your CD!!!


Happy listening.. Big up Marcus..


Here 2 Organise!
I've got my copy, i'll upload the pic to prove it!!

I've got my copy, i'll upload the pic to prove it!!

OUT NOW: H2O The Balance Album…

To be fair, it’s not common in the UK to have an abundance of concious, meaningful rappers. Although there a many that will flirt with the idea of heartfelt music, few will approach there music in such a way, wholeheartedly.

H20, is an independent rapper who grew up on the streets of South-West London and is arguably one of the deepest artists that you will hear in the UK. Addressing subjects and issues others would shy away from is a credit in itself, however he also actively tries to make a change, the slogan ‘Demonstration Surpasses Speech (D.S.S)’ relates to the whole ‘movement.’

‘H’ as he’s also known is a knowledgable individuals and would definately enlighten you on some aspect of life through his music.

Taken from H20’s myspace:

5 UNRELEASED albums recorded in the last year, 2 Mix-Tapes, 1 EP and 6 OFFICIAL VIDEOS, all of which ARE UNRELEASED. H2O say’s ” 2pac said that he might not be the one to get the job done, but he would be the one to light the flame of the person who did, he lit the flames you hear me deliver on tracks, but i don’t have time for ALL of the issues he covered, i’m here to do the rest!”


And here’s his video for one of the tracks from the album, entitled ‘Takeover.’ Pay attention as this is the sort of artist you might need to listen to the song twice cox you slow one’s can’t keep up with the knowledge..

Let me help you start off..

‘I need some time in the booth, let me take my shoes off// Light my zoot top and blow the roof top // I’m harder than all of these British artist coz they’re too soft // I’m tryn’a spit some bars like I’m Spartacus till I see my f’ing crew floss // Oh Gosh! H is full of anger // Nah I was raised in bare ghetto’s you wan*er // Tryn’a get closer to people’s minds like their dandruff // Tryn’a help these younga’s on the grind out of there handcuffs //’

If u can’t break that down, go home!!

Here’s 1XTRA from Tim!!
1Xtra was DEFO live last night!!

1Xtra was DEFO live last night!!

…..I had to just upload the set from BBC 1Xtra UK Rap Show. Westwood’s guests were none other than the Movement’s jail-birds Scorcher and Mercston.

This also includes an interview with the two.. Scorcher makes me laugh I tell ya, speaking about his new clothes line he says; ‘Yeah we got a whole heap of APPAREL!! That’s like the US way to describe clothing goods/products or equipment!! (You’ll hear that @ 10:40 into the interview!!!)

Mercston goes in straight away though; speaking about not being let back in Grime he says; ‘F it I kick the door down // Big feet 10’s I’m bangin dis like a hor house // A black presidents resident in the white house // Now it’s got me thinking the whole world is mine // Who can blame me? History made me // His story made me think // Forget the critics, concentrate on your lyrics // I’m still one of the sickest//

The set was quite ard…

Link to download here!!!

Mercston Speaks Out!!!!
Underage Shenanigans!! Who's more at fault?

Underage Shenanigans!! Who's more at fault?

It was inevitable that Mercston, the MC from ‘The Movement’ would release either a song or direct lyrics towards the incident that kept him incarcerated for two and a half years.

At a time when Mercston was doing well within the music scene, he had recently released one of his best hits, ‘Good Old Days’ which featured Ghetto, rumours suddenly spread that Mercston was in jail for rape. Normally in this kind of situation, when it involves someone in the scene it later turns out that the defendant was not guilty. However, when this case went to trial, it appeared that Mercston would not be released, he was given a 5 year jail sentance.

Nobody has openly come out and spoke about the incident, obviously The Movement were screaming ‘Mercs is innocent!!’ but apart from that, there was not much talk. Mercston has recently been released and in his first interview since his return he said he would definatly be releasing the already written track which described the events of that night.

It appears the charge that Mercston was given was statutory rape, which slightly changes the situation, as it wasn’t like it was not consented..

Have a listen and see what you think.. The track’s called ‘The Day’s Events.’

Leave your comments..

Summer’s on The Horizon!!
March 17, 2009, 11:20 am
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It was only February that the UK was covered in a heap of snow that forced even the transport services in London to halt. But it seems that now the bad weather is past us and the sun is out and the essential tools for summer will be:

  • Sunglasses (Stunnas)
  • Blanket to chill on the beach or grass with
  • Bottle of Wine/Guinness/Champagne/Rose (whatever you drink)
  • A nice whip or a topped up Oyster Card
  • A FUNKY CD!!!!!

Well I can’t help you with none of the first four, however I can help with the Funky CD, attached is a Mix by DJ T Gully.. Hope you like your first instalment of Funky Funky!!

Click here to download!!

It’s OVER!!!!
March 15, 2009, 6:29 pm
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The Flyer to end a mans career!!

The Flyer to end a mans career!!

If you’re under 18.. DOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Open this video!!! (Just have 2 warn u 2 cover my back!!).

Likewise, if you’re at work, DO NOT OPEN!!

But everyone else, have a look.. 50 Cent ended it, I have no more to say regardng the matter. The only thing that Ricky can now resort to is literally kidnapping 50 coz I know about lyrical beef, even more intense beef, but when you see what 50 does to Ross then I don’t know what kind of beef this will escalate to!

Click here to see it!!!!!

I’m still Here!!
March 15, 2009, 6:12 pm
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Contrary to popular belief, N’Jai The Writer is still here blogging, this is the best part of writing as it allows me to convey my feelings and opinions, whether you like it or you don’t is a different thing but as I haven’t been on the blogging as I have been in the past, just wanted to clear that up and let you know that although the magazine in is full swing (http://www.itsalotmagazine.com) I haven’t forgot where it started, so-to-speak.

Welllllllllllllll… What’s been good?

A few things were going on this week, namely I Luv Live at Cargo and Ace n Vis’s AVX Event at Sound in Leicester Square.

I don’t wanna say too much about the events as i’ll leave that for the publication but here’s some pics of what was going down.. I won’t put up too many!!

I Love 2 Play My Bongo's in the....

I Love 2 Play My Bongo's in the....


Professor Green didn't wanna battle me!! He wanted peace! LOL

Professor Green didn't wanna battle me!! He wanted peace! LOL

I make the gal dem... Singbadabadabadabada!!!

I make the gal dem... Singbadabadabadabada!!!



Kwame The Rasta!!

Kwame The Rasta!!

Little Derek!

Little Derek!

Wretch after his 32'd bottle of Dom P!!! He was Twisted!

Wretch after his 32'd bottle of Dom P!!! He was Twisted!


Ok thats enough visuals.. I’m holding onto the exclusive one’s but you’ll see them soon!!

All in all though, both were good events but the AVX ting was OOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN POINT!!! Say no more!! If u wasn’t there you’ll be PISSED when u see the pics and some of the video footage.. It’s Alot!!