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Is Youngs TefLon London’s Best Rapper Right Now?

I’m the first to admit that bloggers trying to claim they’re bloggers by posting up videos of UK artists have had their time, sites such as Media Massacre and more so GrimeDaily have set a precedent that others may try but simply will NOT reach!!! Anything worth knowing about in terms of UK acts will definitely be featured in one of the above, not to discredit everyone but the newcomers trying to set the trend….. It won’t happen!!

That said, every once in a while there will come a time where I come across some talent that just HAS to get a feature on the blog coz they’re just causing a wave of momentum. Youngs TefLon has been spitting for a while, although he started on Grime, he has evolved into arguably one of the UK Underground Scene’s best rappers, the title of most consistent would be hard to deprive Tef of.

From his free mixtape, ‘Tef London’, to the highly anticipated Mixtape ‘Grown Man Ting’ that caused a wave of excitement across the underground to now another mixtape so soon, named ‘Call Of Duty Mixtape’ which is once again credible work. Not to mention the amount of underground videos on various UK websites and DVD’s, if you can find an artist that has consistently dropped ardbody mixtapes, emotional music and dropped a bag of videos like Youngs has in the last 12 months it would take some deep thorough thought, one which I still have yet to find a response to!!!

Once again Youngs has done it in probably one of his best songs, in MY opinion, make of it what you want and expect alot more from Youngs TefLon, big up Hill Productions and Carns and Hanz.


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