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On the first day of Christmas, my reader’s gave to me!

First there was Football Factory, then came Green Street. Rise Of The Footsoldier followed and I would definately rate that amongst my favourite films of all time, a classic!

This year saw the low-profile release of Cass, a true story of a young black boy Cass Pennant, sent to a children’s home at a young age to end up in a life of crime, violence and football.  

As a black baby, Pennant was fostered by an elderly white family in Kent where he was the only black person, and where he states he was “bullied from day one. Not just from rivals or other kids, the whole town. Imagine as a kid, you’re picked out; people in vehicles shouting out at you, total strangers.”

Pennant became the leader of the notorious hooligan firm representing West Ham United, the Inner City Firm (ICF).

The DVD of this film entitled Cass is on sale and has been for a good few months.

This is the story of his life, I haven’t got it or seen it so if you feel kind and you wanna reward me for my work on the blog, contact me and i’ll give you the PO Box details! 🙂


DVD.. N’Jai-Alysis
December 9, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Yeah it's a pirate copy.. And what! LOL

Yeah it's a pirate copy.. And what! LOL

I was first intrigued by this film ‘Shoot on Sight’ when I saw the advert on the tube one day but to be honest I didn’t think much of it. 

I thought it was dull copy of the Jean Charles De Menezes story, of getting shot on the tube etc, and although it does copy some aspects of real life that have occured, this was a good film in a variety of ways.

Ok, there are no special effects or Hollywood budget but within the realms of what they had, they done very well.

The story is of a Muslim Commander of Police who is married to a white western woman, in a nutshell his nephew comes over from Pakistan in the midst of all the terrorism in London. On a visit to the mosque, the commander of Police see’s that his Imam whom he grew with from a child has now turned to Jihad, the problem being that his nephew seems to agree with these Jihad policies.

In a unique twist, the Commander is forced to question his job against his religion, his wife against his nephew, his principles over his friends, and the most important question, ‘Is it a crime to be a Muslim?’

I didn’t catch on when this was in the cinema hence my copy on pirate (shhhhh!!), surely this will be coming to a pirate dvd salesperson near you, if not and you can’t find it send me a comment and i’ll provide you with a website where you can watch it..