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I been away for a minute!!

Ok so, lets cut the long ting… Skepta dissin Wiley, SNM!! Then Ghetts reviewing Skepta’s, Bashy’s and Wileys albums.. Then SN1’s Giggs collaborates with Mike Skinner on probably the most commercially credible tune from Giggs to date, in a deep, meaninful, relative-to-the-times song called ‘Slow Songs’ happy viewing.. and by the way, I’m BACK!!!

Big up to SBTV.


Slim by name.. Phat Quality

I am finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate the level in quality between Slim and Eddie Kadi as the King Of UK Comedy. Eddie has been a personal favourite for a while and although his and Slim’s style differ, they both have a natural talent that aspiring UK comedians in particular can look up to and aim to emulate.

It’s definately a good look for the UK the way in which comedians are now being embraced into the entertainment industry, i.e. Eddie and Kevin J’s cameo roles in the ‘Ransom’ mini-movie/music video by Bashy.

Slim never seems to disappoint!! I’m going to see him live May 2nd, that should be BIG!! I would DEFO pay to see him but the fact that I got press entry makes that a BONUS and a half I tell ya!!!!

It’s only £15 though and men if you wanna take a woman out but your lyric game and charisma is not really up to scratch this will definately be a good ice-breaker and you’ll take her home smiling!!

So was this pre-planned??

I don’t mean to carry on going on about this ‘Its-Alot Gate’ scenario however I saw this and found it particularly interesting and made me think was Temps’s reaction towards Grim at Eskimo dance pre-empted. I.e. Was he in the frame of mind that if Griminal brought it in any way towards him, he was prepared to react physically?

You’ll see why I say that when you watch the video for yourself, in Temps’s defence there are some unwritten laws of lyrical clashes, and the ‘suck your Mum’ talk doesn’t really get respect *Vybes Kartel Vs Mavado at Sting 2008 springs to mind, Vybez was on top until the crowd turned on him after he said that to Mavado* so where Temps had heard the SBTV (video below in another post) and he heard how Grim was talkin, for man to say that face to face was literally ALOT!! 

Greengate V Boy Better Know

It all started with ‘It’s Alot!!’ That one statement, brings us to where we are now and the current situation is the following:

Some will say this is the end for Grime, it’s not!!

Show me how you scroll down.. Man I said swear down!!
April 8, 2009, 1:58 pm
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First thing u got to sign in..

Then Update ur status.. Blood, let me see u do the facebook skank..

If I get good feedback on this one I  PROMISE to video myself doing this skank to the riddim.. Just drop ANY comment below and if the response is good enough I WILL buss this skank..

Remember Kano and Dangermouse?

Pay attention from 2:15 into the video when he addresses the Kane situation..

I’m sure if you know Kano from ‘Boys Love Girls’ days and if you was around at the Streetz Incarcerated, Bound 2 Blow and Lord Of the Mic era then you’ll defo remember this guy, well he’s back..

Big up GrimeDaily.com

Ghetts And Mr 32 Taste Testing!!
February 26, 2009, 9:47 am
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Courtesy of RWD TV, Ghetts and Wretch recently indulged into the brand new Walkers Crisps collection.. This is funny!!