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I been away for a minute!!

Ok so, lets cut the long ting… Skepta dissin Wiley, SNM!! Then Ghetts reviewing Skepta’s, Bashy’s and Wileys albums.. Then SN1’s Giggs collaborates with Mike Skinner on probably the most commercially credible tune from Giggs to date, in a deep, meaninful, relative-to-the-times song called ‘Slow Songs’ happy viewing.. and by the way, I’m BACK!!!

Big up to SBTV.


It’s A New Year, I’m In a New Gear!
January 1, 2009, 10:49 am
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Take these words in….

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I’ve always been from the school of thought that believe’s that one who wishes to induce change into one’s life does not wait for a particular date or time, hence New Years Resolutions never being a personal favourite of mine. New Years is simply a change of date for me, nothing more, nothing less, the only times the year’s have been significant to me have been been when life changing events have occured to me, i.e. the loss of family etc.

However, 2008 ended on a positive note personally in terms of life, ambitions, inspitational people etc. I have been overwhelmed by the profile the blog has been recieving and it’s a good look for me, as it’s not paid work in monetary terms but the satisfaction provided when people read the articles and appreciate the work, i.e. the amount of love I recieved for the Street Boys Book Review meant alot. The blog is a platform for me to express personal thoughts and issues that I feel that people are maybe under-informed about or just subjects I am personally interested in.

I have a positive feeling regarding 2009, I had a very inspiring conversation with an individual yesterday and I believe that progression is on the cards with the writing, I have been seeking FOCUSED individuals within the Journalism sector and believe me they are a rare commodity, however I do feel that this problem may have been overcome, many people have been asking where I want to take the blog, all I will say is you will see in the near future.

The days of one man getting up and doing everything on his own so he can be successful are gone, one needs a strong TEAM in a variety of ways.

Have a prosperous New Year, but don’t let the date fool you, if you need to induce change on the 31st of November, don’t wait for the New Year to come for you to change, life or time doesn’t wait for no man. Wish you all the best for the year.

Work Hard.. Make Positive Moves…Progress..Be Consistent.. Most importantly, REMEMBER what’s important to you.

Happy New Year.

A Picture Says A Thousand Things! This Says 2008 Things!!
Let The Picture Do The Talking!

Let The Picture Do The Talking!

In simple terms I think this picture concludes some of the many highs, lows and iconic symbols or features of the year 2008. From John Terry Crying to Barack winning, from Jazmine Sullivan to Bashy, from the end of Woolworths to the prominence of Facebook this year.

I set out to write about some major events of the year and maybe a Top 3 poll in some categories, i.e. Best UK Artist Album etc, I think I will still do that, however my imagination got the better of me and I felt creative, thus the picture above. Some things cannot be written about to the extent that a picture gives across, i.e The Yellow Crime board can hardly be written about but once you see the picture it prompts thoughts of the amount of crime and murder on the streets.

Hopefully you’ll be able to understand what most, if not all the pictures represent.

iGot iPhone!!! No Contract and FREE calls!!!
December 11, 2008, 2:16 pm
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IGot Iphone!! LOL

iGot iPhone!! LOL

I’ve wanted an iPhone or Blackberry for the longest time but in the midst of all this credit crunch one is not fortunate enough to afford such a gadget. My phone is somewhat it’s own person, it switches off when it wants, the number 2 sometimes dials number 7 when pressed, it’s a hard life!!!

Well, not for long..

I’ve got an iPod Touch and apparently it can be used as a phone now.. Here’s the news..

Truphone, the UK-based company, has created a new freeware application for the iPod Touch which uses the media player’s built in Wi-Fi to allow owners to make phone calls via voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems such as Skype and MSN.

Currently only calls to other iPod or iPhone can be made using the application – but developers say calls to landlines will be in place in the near future.

The new technology could revolutionise mobile phone communication as the company promises “there is no monthly line rental, no subscription or other hidden charges”.

The application will be free to download from the Apple applications store.

To get up and running you will need a microphone adaptor, which will be available to buy “soon”, according to Truphone.

Geraldine Wilson, Truphone’s CEO, said: “There are a slew of new features we’re rolling out for the iPod Touch that will let users call landlines, Skype users or send instant messages. We’re talking weeks, not months, before these go live.”

Wiley – See Clear Now.. N’Jai-Alysis


After being delayed in September, Wiley has finally released his highly anticipated album, See Clear Now.

The anticipation seems to be a delay worth waiting for, however a quality product like this has been long overdue for an artist who has many opportunities which have failed to live up to expectations.

2008 has seen British UK (Hip-Hop/Grime/Bassline/Funky House, even POP!!) make an impression in the charts this year but especially UK vocal songs. Wiley’s own Wearing My Rolex hit No.2 in the charts while his former fellow Roll Deep member and protege Dizzee Rascal had a No.1 for four weeks with Dance With Me.

Avid fans will claim that the artists have not stuck to their original Grime genre and background, undoubtedly though it has been this turn in artistic direction which has led to those said successes.

Wiley’s project ‘oozes’ in maturity, sounds range from R & B, Hip-Hop, Bassline to Pop with producers such as Hot-Chip, Mark Ronson, Bless Beatz, Jake Gosling some of those involved on this highly eclectic project. Wiley’s decision not to produce for himself on this project may be part of the reason as to why his vocal ability complements each song accordingly, like he had more time to focus on it. This will surely not be an album simply targeted at the teenage market, this album can appeal to people from a much wider walk of life.

On the back of Wearing My Rolex, many assumed Wiley would rest on his laurels and live off his successes, this is disproved by this album. The title track, See Clear Now featuring Kano and Scorcher is a sign of the development of Wiley’s artistic and mental frame of mind. Although Scorcher’s appearance outshines the others with his bridge and hook reminiscent of a ‘London Jay-Z flow’ if there is one! The song is catchy and somewhat meaningful.

5am featuring Scorcher is my personal favourite, Wiley demonstrating maturity in his personal life from the days of Pay As You Go Cartel and the ‘road’ mentality, backed up by a soulful Hip Hop ballad.

‘Let ’em into my world show ’em how I took // A sound from here a sound from there // Said I’d neva leave the hood but now I look back don’t matter where you live // You’re alive and kicking // I’ll always try and stop you trippin // But it’s awkward if you’re slipping up yourself // I ain’t perfect though //’

I Need To Be, a Pop/Up-Tempo hit will surely be a club tune, alongside the successful Wearing My Rolex, Summertime and catchy Cash In My Pocket. The use of the Republica sample on Can’t Stop Thinking is used very well and produces an effective song. Step By Step produced by Hot Chip is a Jay Z featuring Linkin Park plus a sprinkle of Electro type hit, it somehow works.

In conclusion, this album could somewhat be compared to ones favourite sandwich. In between lies the chosen meat/fish, salad, sauces  and any extras, demonstrated on the album by the musical variety. The outskirts, or the bread of the sandwich are the first and last tracks, Wiley’s bread, Grime. All in all, this is a good project, Grime fans may not be entirely satisfied however as an artist this is definitely his best project to date, with Race Against Time, his next album set to be out early next year, if this is the standard of UK Music at the latter stage of 2008, after a prosperous year, 2009 appears to be a very good look!

Got your copy? What are your thoughts? Leave comments below.

DVD.. N’Jai-Alysis
December 9, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Yeah it's a pirate copy.. And what! LOL

Yeah it's a pirate copy.. And what! LOL

I was first intrigued by this film ‘Shoot on Sight’ when I saw the advert on the tube one day but to be honest I didn’t think much of it. 

I thought it was dull copy of the Jean Charles De Menezes story, of getting shot on the tube etc, and although it does copy some aspects of real life that have occured, this was a good film in a variety of ways.

Ok, there are no special effects or Hollywood budget but within the realms of what they had, they done very well.

The story is of a Muslim Commander of Police who is married to a white western woman, in a nutshell his nephew comes over from Pakistan in the midst of all the terrorism in London. On a visit to the mosque, the commander of Police see’s that his Imam whom he grew with from a child has now turned to Jihad, the problem being that his nephew seems to agree with these Jihad policies.

In a unique twist, the Commander is forced to question his job against his religion, his wife against his nephew, his principles over his friends, and the most important question, ‘Is it a crime to be a Muslim?’

I didn’t catch on when this was in the cinema hence my copy on pirate (shhhhh!!), surely this will be coming to a pirate dvd salesperson near you, if not and you can’t find it send me a comment and i’ll provide you with a website where you can watch it..

Street Boys – The N’Jai-Alysis
December 9, 2008, 3:19 pm
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I've got my copy. Have you?

I've got my copy. Have you?

Elijah’s father walked out of the house, only to return two years later, to subject the Mother to harsh domestic abuse thus forcing her to move from Birmingham to London.

Simon came from a happy family only to return from school one day  to an empty house, his Mother had left for Canada with all his siblings.

Nathan came from a devoutly Christian household and grew up with Michael whose parents were also strict but separated as he was growing up.

Byron’s mother sold crack and was sent to prison as a result of this, he did not know his father but knew that his father had many other children within the local area, often making him question his advances towards females as they may have been his siblings.

Street Boys provides a fascinating, dramatic insight into one of London’s most notorious street gangs of our generation, and looks deeper behind the story of ‘7 kids. 1 estate. No way out.

Street Boys is written by Tim Pritchard, a writer and TV programme maker whose first book, Ambush Alley was an eye-opening account of the most extraordinary battle of the Iraq War. In Street Boys, Pritchard turns his focus to this under-reported and under-analysed phenomenon, the truth and realities of living in the ‘hood’ or the ‘streets‘ and the importance and influence of Guns, Drugs and Gangs.

Pritchard takes time to analyse the family histories and dynamics within each family and the way this may have affected the youths’ mentalities and attitudes growing up.

The book focuses mainly on Elijah (JaJa), the individual responsible for making PDC (Peel Dem Crew, Poverty Driven Children, Pray Days Change amongst the variables) what it has emerged to today, although he did not create the name, he was significant to the actions behind them.

Elijah’s story is one of a difficult childhood, having to take responsibility of the house at an early age due not having a father figure and having younger siblings to look after so while his Mother was at work he would baby-sit. His life on the Angell Town Estate in Brixton was far from ideal but he personally loved it, at night he would meticulously watch the drug dealers and Yardies of the 80’s sell drugs, pimp women, rob cars etc, that life fascinated him.

He began running for the yardies, watching out for the ‘fed’s‘ or police as they are more commonly known and then that led onto petty crimes, stealing car stereos for small change. This changed when he went to school and connected with one of his white associates who introduced him to bigger burglaries where he could go in, get one watch and get paid much more for his work than he would if he burgled a regular house, these White men knew their stuff and he liked that… Quick, fast, easy MONEY!

At an early age Elijah became a central figure on the Angell Town Estate, coming from Birmingham, his accent differentiated him from the rest of the South London boys, he stood out, but it was not only his accent, he was involved in crime from early and this meant he had money, new trainers, new clothes etc. This embraced him towards his peers, they respected him for what he was and what he had, ‘Elijah wasn’t a bully but you knew not to mess with him.’

The burglaries died out and led to a new craze of ‘steaming’ or robbing shops in numbers, this is where the Angell Town youth’s became more of a tight knit circle, thus leading on to both Post Office and Bank Robberies.

Prison was imminent and only one of the featured members in the book, Michael (Birdie) has ever escaped jail, and that was down to his own intelligence to know when it was getting ‘hot,’ despite many close encounters, he maintained a focus to do the best he could for his family and knew that his responsibilities were too important to sit in a prison. By no means was he not involved, he just had a smart head and wasn’t entirely driven by greed.

Prison is a key feature throughout the book, many finding prison fun and some that hadn’t been even trying ways to get into prison, ‘I remember dancing on the Prison bus, I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.’

Reading some of the stories, its recognisable that although some had harsh, difficult upbringings and circumstances, others came from good backgrounds but chose to go down a different path, some would say products of their environments, others maybe not?

As they grow, they realise that worse things are occurring to each other, some getting longer stretches in jail, some getting shot and paralysed, and some closer friends even being murdered, while some feel that the best way is to leave the lifestyles that followed alone, others only know what they know and continue.

Street Boys is a very readable book and is a good insight into some of the factors faced by the youth of today. I also admire the fact that Pritchard brought such a topic to the forefront so the masses maybe can get an understanding, as a White middle class citizen may have heard about Brixton through negative press etc, at least the book provides them with more depth to their initial thoughts and provides the other side of the coin.

My one criticism of the book would be how it was written by Pritchard. The stories are engaging however Pritchard takes away this engagement by his disjointed style of writing, which many a time led me to refer to the inside cover to check who he was referring to as the chapters do not follow any chronological flow.

In terms of readability though I would rate this book highly, it is hard to put down once you start reading and no matter what part of the world you may be from if you have an interest in gangs, guns and/or drugs this is a must read.

Parents who cannot understands the youth of today should definitely read and the youth of the next generation who think that being ‘road’ is the only way forward should be made to read this kind of book in school, this will influence a youth’s life more than any Shakespeare play could.

Please leave comments below…