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Jay-Z…. Is he really on that Illuminati Ting?

During recent times it’s become increasingly more discussed, the fact that Jay Z is part of the New World Order that is. Now this is a very highly debatable subject as there are facts that may or may not be taken into consideration to prove or disprove the matter.

However, I couldn’t really care much less as there’s not much I can do but anyway YOU SEE FOR URSELF??

Below is Jay’s latest video, now amongst other various illuminati symbols, if you look closely at 3:39 (you will need to pause and unpause it as it is literally a split second thing) and an interesting image, make of it what you want!!!

If this is your type of thing then you’ll probably enjoy watching this, download it and watch it for yourself, i’m not saying I believe what this DVD’s about however watch it with an open mind and make your own mind up.



A Picture Says A Thousand Things! This Says 2008 Things!!
Let The Picture Do The Talking!

Let The Picture Do The Talking!

In simple terms I think this picture concludes some of the many highs, lows and iconic symbols or features of the year 2008. From John Terry Crying to Barack winning, from Jazmine Sullivan to Bashy, from the end of Woolworths to the prominence of Facebook this year.

I set out to write about some major events of the year and maybe a Top 3 poll in some categories, i.e. Best UK Artist Album etc, I think I will still do that, however my imagination got the better of me and I felt creative, thus the picture above. Some things cannot be written about to the extent that a picture gives across, i.e The Yellow Crime board can hardly be written about but once you see the picture it prompts thoughts of the amount of crime and murder on the streets.

Hopefully you’ll be able to understand what most, if not all the pictures represent.

DVD.. N’Jai-Alysis
December 9, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Yeah it's a pirate copy.. And what! LOL

Yeah it's a pirate copy.. And what! LOL

I was first intrigued by this film ‘Shoot on Sight’ when I saw the advert on the tube one day but to be honest I didn’t think much of it. 

I thought it was dull copy of the Jean Charles De Menezes story, of getting shot on the tube etc, and although it does copy some aspects of real life that have occured, this was a good film in a variety of ways.

Ok, there are no special effects or Hollywood budget but within the realms of what they had, they done very well.

The story is of a Muslim Commander of Police who is married to a white western woman, in a nutshell his nephew comes over from Pakistan in the midst of all the terrorism in London. On a visit to the mosque, the commander of Police see’s that his Imam whom he grew with from a child has now turned to Jihad, the problem being that his nephew seems to agree with these Jihad policies.

In a unique twist, the Commander is forced to question his job against his religion, his wife against his nephew, his principles over his friends, and the most important question, ‘Is it a crime to be a Muslim?’

I didn’t catch on when this was in the cinema hence my copy on pirate (shhhhh!!), surely this will be coming to a pirate dvd salesperson near you, if not and you can’t find it send me a comment and i’ll provide you with a website where you can watch it..

Lie Minister Question’s
All laugh and jokes in the Houses Of Parliament..

All laugh and jokes in the Houses Of Parliament..

These days the average, hardworking citizen finds themselves waking up to constant negative newspaper articles, news reports, radio discussions and such regarding the buzz acronym of the last 24 months (CC), no not congestion charge, but CREDIT CRUNCH.

While one wonders how the country is being led financially, the question that also springs to mind is whether the MP’s even rally care too much about this situation that it leaves the average citizen in. After watching Prime Ministers’ Questions’ my initial doubts were even further enhanced.

The back and forth banter between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, although entertaining, did not serve the purpose of the public, rather than discuss pressing issues, they seemed more content to nit-pick at eachother and even when they did get down to meaningful discourse, the delay in answers and constant back-tracking made it increasingly eveident that there were lie’s and cover-ups that were being clearly exposed by David Cameron.

I know, I know.. People don’t wanna hear about my discontent with politics as to most, it’s boring however I am interested as it’s a subject that as a writer one should at least be aware of and furthermore, when they are discussing raising VAT to 18.9% and beyond etc I think you need to sit up and pay at least a small bit of attention as if you’re complaining about the credit crunch now, then… It could get worse?!

Read more about Prime Minister’s question’s here

One final thought though, I cannot understand why there are so few women in the Houses Of Parliament and also no representation from any of the ethnic minorities (no, not even the ‘token’ Dianne Abbott).. I know my local constitiuent is Asian but to see him in Houses Of Parliament at PMQ’s? That’s another question.