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Slim by name.. Phat Quality

I am finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate the level in quality between Slim and Eddie Kadi as the King Of UK Comedy. Eddie has been a personal favourite for a while and although his and Slim’s style differ, they both have a natural talent that aspiring UK comedians in particular can look up to and aim to emulate.

It’s definately a good look for the UK the way in which comedians are now being embraced into the entertainment industry, i.e. Eddie and Kevin J’s cameo roles in the ‘Ransom’ mini-movie/music video by Bashy.

Slim never seems to disappoint!! I’m going to see him live May 2nd, that should be BIG!! I would DEFO pay to see him but the fact that I got press entry makes that a BONUS and a half I tell ya!!!!

It’s only £15 though and men if you wanna take a woman out but your lyric game and charisma is not really up to scratch this will definately be a good ice-breaker and you’ll take her home smiling!!


So was this pre-planned??

I don’t mean to carry on going on about this ‘Its-Alot Gate’ scenario however I saw this and found it particularly interesting and made me think was Temps’s reaction towards Grim at Eskimo dance pre-empted. I.e. Was he in the frame of mind that if Griminal brought it in any way towards him, he was prepared to react physically?

You’ll see why I say that when you watch the video for yourself, in Temps’s defence there are some unwritten laws of lyrical clashes, and the ‘suck your Mum’ talk doesn’t really get respect *Vybes Kartel Vs Mavado at Sting 2008 springs to mind, Vybez was on top until the crowd turned on him after he said that to Mavado* so where Temps had heard the SBTV (video below in another post) and he heard how Grim was talkin, for man to say that face to face was literally ALOT!! 

ItsAlot-Gate!!! Griminal and Tempa T

I am choosing to refer to this situation as ‘ItsAlot-Gate.’ The situation that started as a mere fued between Griminal and Jammer has now culminated in physical violence not between the two themselves but Griminal and Slew Dem Crew’s Tempa T.


One slang phrase, that is not even actually a word (alot) has made people outside of the Grime scene once again look upon the scene in disgust with a patronising ‘I told you so’ attitude. When you think all this started over one word it seems petty but knowing that there is pride, credibility and much more at stake, some MC’s are not prepared to get parred easily by their peers.


Here’s how it started!!!


Griminal released a free promotional mixtape called Not Just Bars Vol 1 which built up lots of momentum and hype around Griminal who at the time was arguably one of, if not the best younger MC, alongside Chipmunk, Double S and say… Dot Rotten? On that mixtape, probably the biggest tune on in was a track called ‘It’s Alot’ which has been a big slang word for the last few years. The track was getting spun on radio, in raves, it was literally what it said on the tin, it WAS alot!


Hear Griminal’s ‘It’s Alot’ here…



Months later, Jammer, out of nowhere released a track, ironically *cough cough* titled ‘It’s Alot.’ So the same slang word was relayed in the chorus. Now Marcus Nasty, Griminal’s older brother had already had beef with Jammer back in the day and punched Jammer up so this move from Jammer wasn’t the smartest and could be taken with the upmost disrespect considering he wasn’t even cool with the N.A.S.T.Y crew after he got kicked out. So, Jammer didn’t stop there by just making a tune, he literally killed it, had T-Shirts printed with ‘Its Alot’ embezzled over them and other merchandise.


Watch Jammer’s ‘It’s Alot’ here…



Understandably, Griminal was pissed as Jammer blatently tried to par him which then made it difficult for Grim to then release a track in the same genre, with the same title, as the video and merchandising route had been exploited by Jammer so indirectly people may have been purchasing merchandise on the back of Griminal’s track and not Jammer’s, i.e. Griminal made the phrase big, Jammer ate P’s!!


The next step didn’t involve either Jammer or Griminal but it was directly related to the situation. At a time when the ‘Its Alot’ madness had slightly died down, Westwood had a radio set with Jammer, Tempa T, Ghetts and Brutal amongst others appearing.


Download the set here..




The set was cool until about 6 minutes in (6.18) and Tempa T comes in with ‘It’s a par, it’s a par, them man goin round saying it’s a lot, but us man know it’s a par, it’s a par!’ which was directed at Grim. Tempa T’s involvement came from his affiliation with Jammer for one, but also for the fact that he claims the slang actually came from HIS crew so neither of them should really be squabbling about it however Jammer had more right than Grim to use it! In typical Ghetts fashion, he couldn’t let that happen as Griminal is his boy and he has too much machido to let that slide. So he went in against them, and even went to freestyle ‘Its Alot, It’s Alot I swear you man borrowed that from Josh, from Greengate don’t think I won’t back it, I swear you man borrowed that from Josh.’


At 10.27 Tempa T then claimed he schooled Griminal in a rave, a claim that came back to haunt him later!! He also said that he don’t wanna hear Ghetts say nothing a   bout ‘It’s Alot,’ to which Ghetts replied, ‘It’s Alot!!!’


Ok, that was that. Then Ghetts released his highly anticipated mixtape/album ‘Freedom Of Speech’ and one of the hardest tracks was ‘Threats’ which featured Brutal and Griminal, Grim’s verse contained the lyrics directed towards Jammer “Man wanna copy the sh*t that I write, now it’s got grim on a hype ting again, one or two guys I’m not liking again, Jammer don’t want me fi start writing again, you’re not heavy! Marcus banged you already, what!? Wanna fight him again?”







The event that followed that was Ghetto’s Launch Party at Dirty Canvas when Griminal and Jammer clashed on stage, watch the footage here..



It went quiet for long, hence the assumption from the masses that this scenario was dead and buried until earlier this year when a SB.TV video was released (scroll down on the blog for that video). Griminal went in HARD at Temps!! ‘tell them man there suck ya Mum!!’


All this has culminated in bringing us where we are today. Pride is a fickle thing and for the sake of not only the artists, but the Grime scene in general MC’s need to start realising there is more than just MCing to life!! Call it melodramatic but for a mother to lose a son over a word that DOESN’T even exist would literally be ALOT! Say no more!!


Keep your eyes peeled to the home of Grime for any updates on the latest going’s ons!! http://grimeforum.com

Greengate V Boy Better Know

It all started with ‘It’s Alot!!’ That one statement, brings us to where we are now and the current situation is the following:

Some will say this is the end for Grime, it’s not!!

Show me how you scroll down.. Man I said swear down!!
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First thing u got to sign in..

Then Update ur status.. Blood, let me see u do the facebook skank..

If I get good feedback on this one I  PROMISE to video myself doing this skank to the riddim.. Just drop ANY comment below and if the response is good enough I WILL buss this skank..

London Is NUTZ!!!

I HAD to take this off GrimeDaily.com when I saw this, just show’s the levels of the roads in London. And if you thought it wasn’t that bad, watch this.. Not to say EVERY person appearing on here is some major crime lord, but…. Do you know what, make up your own mind!!

The DVD this is taken from is called Streets Selected and is being released this month for those that are intrigued..

Big up GrimeDaily.com

N’Jai In The Press!!
Thanks to an old school friend I had the privelege of goin into a local Secondary School and speak to youngsters about entreprenuership, university, college, school, decision making, money making and so on…
It was definately inspiring seeing the children so attentive and interested in what I, and the others had to say.
I will definately be doing more of such work in the future.
Here’s some press-cuttings.. They tried to label me a ‘music journalist’ but I got much more than just music in my journalistic locker!! Watch out for http://itsalotmagazine.com edition2 coming very soon and you’ll see what I mean!!
The campaign is called ACTION = REACTION (Every action has a reaction)
Front Page Shizzle!! LOL

Front Page Shizzle!! LOL

You should be able to click the picture and zoom in and read the article.. 
The article itself..

The article itself..