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Brand New Wiley Feat Donaeo – ‘She’s Crying For Me’

When I heard Wiley had a song feat Donaeo I was highly intrigued especially considering the recent barrage of hits coming from both directions (Wearing My Rolex, Devil In a Blue Dress, Party Hard *if you don’t know them you need to buy yourself a life, i’m selling them in bottles!!!*) and their different styles, though similar roots – coming from the garage days would mould very well on an electro/funky/grime vibe.

Well I was well and truly WRONG!! 

Maybe it will grow on me but for now, NAH!! This ain’t really me, and the reason why it’s called ‘She’s Crying For Me’ is coz whoever she is probably thinking it’s sh*t too!!


….and some more funky!? As it’s summer n all!!



Last time I uploaded some funky for you, there was a barrage of complaints from women especially as they were not familiar with unzipping a file, (I bet they don’t have the same problem if it was a man they liked!!) get it? unzip? anyway!!!

Sooooooo… you’ll be happy to know that once you download this you can play it straight away so no unzipping, straight down to business..

This is DJ Marcus Nasty @ Loveshine, Southend in February alongside MC Versatile.. Now it’s spring, you have to get your traffic light skanks ready when your bumpin this in your car so when you pull up to the lights and you’re skanking, they’re gonna wish they was in your car and had your CD!!!


Happy listening.. Big up Marcus..