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Ar Ar Artillery!!!!!!


This is PEAK!!! Ghetts is about to drop the highly anticipated ‘Calm Before The Storm’ and those that have been in tune with Ghetto from the ‘2000 & Life’ days know that there is alot to expect from this mixtape especially due to the increasing hostility between himself and P Money, this is Ghetts’s opportunity to go IN on P as his next release will be his debut album ‘Reble With A Cause’ expected to drop around summer time and he will need to focus on a more commercial avenue by that time.

Ghetts has dropped more and more videos during his emergence in the game, the recent hood video ‘Does It Now’ featured exclusively on Grimedaily was emosh but now he’s gone one further and filmed a video for the tune ‘Artillery’ many said a tune directed at P Money himself.

The video can be viewed here… It’s BIG!!!


ItsAlot-Gate!!! Griminal and Tempa T

I am choosing to refer to this situation as ‘ItsAlot-Gate.’ The situation that started as a mere fued between Griminal and Jammer has now culminated in physical violence not between the two themselves but Griminal and Slew Dem Crew’s Tempa T.


One slang phrase, that is not even actually a word (alot) has made people outside of the Grime scene once again look upon the scene in disgust with a patronising ‘I told you so’ attitude. When you think all this started over one word it seems petty but knowing that there is pride, credibility and much more at stake, some MC’s are not prepared to get parred easily by their peers.


Here’s how it started!!!


Griminal released a free promotional mixtape called Not Just Bars Vol 1 which built up lots of momentum and hype around Griminal who at the time was arguably one of, if not the best younger MC, alongside Chipmunk, Double S and say… Dot Rotten? On that mixtape, probably the biggest tune on in was a track called ‘It’s Alot’ which has been a big slang word for the last few years. The track was getting spun on radio, in raves, it was literally what it said on the tin, it WAS alot!


Hear Griminal’s ‘It’s Alot’ here…



Months later, Jammer, out of nowhere released a track, ironically *cough cough* titled ‘It’s Alot.’ So the same slang word was relayed in the chorus. Now Marcus Nasty, Griminal’s older brother had already had beef with Jammer back in the day and punched Jammer up so this move from Jammer wasn’t the smartest and could be taken with the upmost disrespect considering he wasn’t even cool with the N.A.S.T.Y crew after he got kicked out. So, Jammer didn’t stop there by just making a tune, he literally killed it, had T-Shirts printed with ‘Its Alot’ embezzled over them and other merchandise.


Watch Jammer’s ‘It’s Alot’ here…



Understandably, Griminal was pissed as Jammer blatently tried to par him which then made it difficult for Grim to then release a track in the same genre, with the same title, as the video and merchandising route had been exploited by Jammer so indirectly people may have been purchasing merchandise on the back of Griminal’s track and not Jammer’s, i.e. Griminal made the phrase big, Jammer ate P’s!!


The next step didn’t involve either Jammer or Griminal but it was directly related to the situation. At a time when the ‘Its Alot’ madness had slightly died down, Westwood had a radio set with Jammer, Tempa T, Ghetts and Brutal amongst others appearing.


Download the set here..




The set was cool until about 6 minutes in (6.18) and Tempa T comes in with ‘It’s a par, it’s a par, them man goin round saying it’s a lot, but us man know it’s a par, it’s a par!’ which was directed at Grim. Tempa T’s involvement came from his affiliation with Jammer for one, but also for the fact that he claims the slang actually came from HIS crew so neither of them should really be squabbling about it however Jammer had more right than Grim to use it! In typical Ghetts fashion, he couldn’t let that happen as Griminal is his boy and he has too much machido to let that slide. So he went in against them, and even went to freestyle ‘Its Alot, It’s Alot I swear you man borrowed that from Josh, from Greengate don’t think I won’t back it, I swear you man borrowed that from Josh.’


At 10.27 Tempa T then claimed he schooled Griminal in a rave, a claim that came back to haunt him later!! He also said that he don’t wanna hear Ghetts say nothing a   bout ‘It’s Alot,’ to which Ghetts replied, ‘It’s Alot!!!’


Ok, that was that. Then Ghetts released his highly anticipated mixtape/album ‘Freedom Of Speech’ and one of the hardest tracks was ‘Threats’ which featured Brutal and Griminal, Grim’s verse contained the lyrics directed towards Jammer “Man wanna copy the sh*t that I write, now it’s got grim on a hype ting again, one or two guys I’m not liking again, Jammer don’t want me fi start writing again, you’re not heavy! Marcus banged you already, what!? Wanna fight him again?”







The event that followed that was Ghetto’s Launch Party at Dirty Canvas when Griminal and Jammer clashed on stage, watch the footage here..



It went quiet for long, hence the assumption from the masses that this scenario was dead and buried until earlier this year when a SB.TV video was released (scroll down on the blog for that video). Griminal went in HARD at Temps!! ‘tell them man there suck ya Mum!!’


All this has culminated in bringing us where we are today. Pride is a fickle thing and for the sake of not only the artists, but the Grime scene in general MC’s need to start realising there is more than just MCing to life!! Call it melodramatic but for a mother to lose a son over a word that DOESN’T even exist would literally be ALOT! Say no more!!


Keep your eyes peeled to the home of Grime for any updates on the latest going’s ons!! http://grimeforum.com

Mercston Speaks Out!!!!
Underage Shenanigans!! Who's more at fault?

Underage Shenanigans!! Who's more at fault?

It was inevitable that Mercston, the MC from ‘The Movement’ would release either a song or direct lyrics towards the incident that kept him incarcerated for two and a half years.

At a time when Mercston was doing well within the music scene, he had recently released one of his best hits, ‘Good Old Days’ which featured Ghetto, rumours suddenly spread that Mercston was in jail for rape. Normally in this kind of situation, when it involves someone in the scene it later turns out that the defendant was not guilty. However, when this case went to trial, it appeared that Mercston would not be released, he was given a 5 year jail sentance.

Nobody has openly come out and spoke about the incident, obviously The Movement were screaming ‘Mercs is innocent!!’ but apart from that, there was not much talk. Mercston has recently been released and in his first interview since his return he said he would definatly be releasing the already written track which described the events of that night.

It appears the charge that Mercston was given was statutory rape, which slightly changes the situation, as it wasn’t like it was not consented..

Have a listen and see what you think.. The track’s called ‘The Day’s Events.’

Leave your comments..

I’m still Here!!
March 15, 2009, 6:12 pm
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Contrary to popular belief, N’Jai The Writer is still here blogging, this is the best part of writing as it allows me to convey my feelings and opinions, whether you like it or you don’t is a different thing but as I haven’t been on the blogging as I have been in the past, just wanted to clear that up and let you know that although the magazine in is full swing (http://www.itsalotmagazine.com) I haven’t forgot where it started, so-to-speak.

Welllllllllllllll… What’s been good?

A few things were going on this week, namely I Luv Live at Cargo and Ace n Vis’s AVX Event at Sound in Leicester Square.

I don’t wanna say too much about the events as i’ll leave that for the publication but here’s some pics of what was going down.. I won’t put up too many!!

I Love 2 Play My Bongo's in the....

I Love 2 Play My Bongo's in the....


Professor Green didn't wanna battle me!! He wanted peace! LOL

Professor Green didn't wanna battle me!! He wanted peace! LOL

I make the gal dem... Singbadabadabadabada!!!

I make the gal dem... Singbadabadabadabada!!!



Kwame The Rasta!!

Kwame The Rasta!!

Little Derek!

Little Derek!

Wretch after his 32'd bottle of Dom P!!! He was Twisted!

Wretch after his 32'd bottle of Dom P!!! He was Twisted!


Ok thats enough visuals.. I’m holding onto the exclusive one’s but you’ll see them soon!!

All in all though, both were good events but the AVX ting was OOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN POINT!!! Say no more!! If u wasn’t there you’ll be PISSED when u see the pics and some of the video footage.. It’s Alot!!

Ghetts And Mr 32 Taste Testing!!
February 26, 2009, 9:47 am
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Courtesy of RWD TV, Ghetts and Wretch recently indulged into the brand new Walkers Crisps collection.. This is funny!!

New Ghetts Radio Freestyle!!
February 12, 2009, 6:12 pm
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