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Jay-Z…. Is he really on that Illuminati Ting?

During recent times it’s become increasingly more discussed, the fact that Jay Z is part of the New World Order that is. Now this is a very highly debatable subject as there are facts that may or may not be taken into consideration to prove or disprove the matter.

However, I couldn’t really care much less as there’s not much I can do but anyway YOU SEE FOR URSELF??

Below is Jay’s latest video, now amongst other various illuminati symbols, if you look closely at 3:39 (you will need to pause and unpause it as it is literally a split second thing) and an interesting image, make of it what you want!!!

If this is your type of thing then you’ll probably enjoy watching this, download it and watch it for yourself, i’m not saying I believe what this DVD’s about however watch it with an open mind and make your own mind up.



Sway and Akon… Silver and Gold!!
I don't think he was talking about these Silver and Gold's!

I don't think he was talking about these Silver and Gold's!

On first hearing probably the most famous Ghanaian in the UK’s recent album, The Signature LP,  this song was definitely the one that stood out (minus Pray For Kaya).

North London’s Sway DaSafo’s flow had hardly ever been in question but it seems of recent times that he has improved his song making and vocal ability dramatically. Whether this is due to him having creative freedom over his product or whether it may have been the personal difficulties experiences he has dealt with of late, whatever it was has had a positive effect.

This song, Silver and Gold demonstrates Sway’s unique flow, with meaningful catchy lyrics, and even some multi-tone vocals and ad-libs (if you’re unsure, think of  Jay-Z when he whispers etc). Combined with the instantly recognisable voice of Akon on the chorus, this equals one of the best club tunes that the UK has EVER produced.

 This song SHOULD do so well, both here and on the other side of the Atlantic, given the right promotion and marketing along with support from UK TV and radio stations I would be slightly dumbfounded if this didn’t make at least the Top 10 though when I first heard it I did think it was a straight No.1 but maybe my judge of music of late hasn’t been  that great considering I tipped Diana Vickers for X-Factor and Alexandra Burke won!

I can see big things for UK music in 2009 although I seem to remember being told this every year for the last few but in terms of UK Hip-Hop and Grime artists I do believe that the standard is constantly getting better, with this year seeing some very good material produced.

I don’t think i’ve EVER heard Sway go so hard as when he first comes in on this song..

‘Just hopped off a Plane // Sway // Name  just popped up again // UK just got a hotter game // Konvict Music top of the game// I’m in the club and i’m watching the dame// Who’s in love coz she’s watchin// Watchin da chain// And whether it’s a drop or a range// One thing for sure it’s the top of the range//’

 All I can say after that is Giggs’s trademark… Jheeeeeez!