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Britain’s Got Mad Talent!

I’m not a major fan of this show, I have more of a love affair with X-Factor and American Idol as they do identify some real talent whereas I’m not really into watchin people pull a car with a rope tied to their ears (in Britain’s Got Talent episode 1).

However, the talent shown by the infamous dance group FLAWLESS on the first episode made me shun my ignorance and pay attention to what Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan were judging.

I heard about this next young man Shaheen Jafargholi but I can honestly say I was quite lost for superlatives, from the minute he started I was like ‘yeah, he’s got talent.’ It’s a good look that average people from all walks of life have such an opportunity in this day and age.


Ju’Not (U Know) I’m backing him.. American Idol!!

I’ve been watching this season of American Idol, I haven’t really payed much attention in the past but I find it interesting to see that Mr Cowell still holds the same prescence across the border as he does here, the show indirectly reveolves around him. Anyhow, some of the artists I liked from previous rounds, namely Stephen (the black guy with the dodgy hair) have failed to live up to expectation or their song choice has been ridiculous.

Ju’Not (pronounced Yu’Know) performed yesterday and was the first artist i’ve seen this season that took something out of the box and done something good with it, performing Hey There Delila.

So, i’m backing him to win, however my TIP to win is Lil Rounds, a very strong female vocalist, imagine a hint of Fantasia, a sprinkle of Jennifer Hudson with a Mary J. Blige topping,  although she does have her own style mixed in with that.. See her performance for yourself. I didn’t think it was that great like the judges did but she ended VERY strongly, and demonstrated that there is much more in the locker.

Ale-X Factor? A star is born, on the cheap!
Cowell's face when asked if Alex is REALLY getting a million!

Cowell's face when asked if Alex is REALLY getting a million!

All the hype was about this supposed £1 million contract that the winner signs.

Well, the Daily Mirror has quashed those reports and delivered the full dossier and lowdown of the winner’s and respective second to fourth place contestants earnings and clauses.

It seems  that the winner actually gets only a £150k advance, 2nd gets £75k, 3rd £50k and 4th £10k.

Oh, and sorry I didn’t mention that expenses come out of this money aswell so all the limousines and nice fashionwear the artists have been induldged in will undoubtedly be billed to the artists themselves!

The 80-page document has been sent out to all of Saturday’s finalist (Alexandra Burke, JLS and Eoghan Quigg) and also includes Diana Vickers who was voted off in the semi-final.

One of the particulars in the clause states that an artist “may be considered unduly negative, critical or derogatory of the Company – including its personnel and, in particular, Simon Cowell”.

So in a nutshell you can’t take the piss out of Cowell after you leave the show, and thats written in black and white! Money IS power, Cowell’s the man!

Have a look at some of the other clauses;

Clause 38.4
Artists booted off the show have to fork out five per cent of all future live earnings to Cowell for a year.

Clause 36.4
You can only sing in pubs for three months after last show – unless gig is being recorded.

Clause 1.41
Contract enforceable anywhere in the world and solar system.

An X Factor spokesman said: “It’s not a £1million prize – it’s a record deal. The £1million figure includes the recording costs, using the best producers, and marketing costs using the best video directors. We would say £1million is a very conservative figure.”

No wonder why Cheryl Cole tried to ban her winning artist from having a boyfriend throughout the show – she would have to split that tiny advance, in this day and age that sort of money is nothing to one person let alone having a partner..

Once again, Simon’s done the trick! If there’s a sequal to the film Paid In Full he should be considered for a leading role.