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I been away for a minute!!

Ok so, lets cut the long ting… Skepta dissin Wiley, SNM!! Then Ghetts reviewing Skepta’s, Bashy’s and Wileys albums.. Then SN1’s Giggs collaborates with Mike Skinner on probably the most commercially credible tune from Giggs to date, in a deep, meaninful, relative-to-the-times song called ‘Slow Songs’ happy viewing.. and by the way, I’m BACK!!!

Big up to SBTV.


Greengate V Boy Better Know

It all started with ‘It’s Alot!!’ That one statement, brings us to where we are now and the current situation is the following:

Some will say this is the end for Grime, it’s not!!

Griminal sends For SKEPTA, CHIPMUNK and TEMPA T!!!
February 10, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Well the grime ‘sending’ continues… The lastest barrage has come from Nasty Crew’s hottest artist, Griminal who addresses Skepta’s much talked about ‘skeng done to the tree’ lyric made famous by the BET freestyle. Griminals response was ‘U can’t be fuckin with me, I don’t care what the Skeng done to the tree, If you see what the blade did to a face!!!’

It didn’t stop there as a few bars later he sent for Chipmunk with ‘He’s like Beast, I’m like please, none of these boys got the hunger to feed!!’

Lastly but by no means least he finally sends back for Tempa T (it was widely suggested Grim may have been to shook to reply but 4:06 in the video it’s quite clear Griminal is NOT having it!!

Just some fun for your viewing pleasure!!!

Skepta, Wiley, Ghetto, JME, Devlin, Lethal B, Kano, Bashy Getting Sent For!!
December 23, 2008, 2:56 pm
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Rinse MC has been creating a little buzz within the UK Grime scene for a while, but this was certainly out of the blue.

Being Christmas, you’d expect the mood to be jolly but he had other ideas and basically sends for EVERY MC worth sending for in Grime and even takes it old school and sends for Napper (crack ur skull…. ahhhhhhhhh!!!)..

Logan Sama played it on his Kiss 100 show on Mondays which runs from 11pm-1am.

Make of it what you will…